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June 30, 2009


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yes. I see the font changed in the middle of the post. Why? AH, yes, you might well ask.

I have no idea. I tried a billion times to fix it.

I also tried to post lovely photos, of dry cleaners, and Dairy Queen ice cream cones. But typepad would not let me do it.

So, imagine standard font. Imagine photos.

I do appreciate it.

Peg H

My first summer job was as a trail guide and stall mucker at a Colorado stable when I was fourteen. They didn't worry about child labor laws because we weren't exactly 'paid' help. My parents did get a major discount on my horse's board and the hay and grain were free. If someone tipped me, I got to keep that. Yes, I was young and dumb but I sure did love it and my parents didn't have to worry about me because they always knew where I was.

Chris Adams

Did you become addicted to , or were you put off for life from - ice cream?

Sheila Connolly

My forward-thinking New Jersey town had a job bank set up for high-school kids for short-term stuff like babysitting or clean-up after dinner parties. But after senior year I was a camp counselor for a down-on-its-luck overnight camp that was due to close that year. It was called Camp Washington; the small lake there was called (wait for it) Lake George. Really.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Sheila, that's too funny.

Chris, we were allowed 50 cents worth of ice cream a day. We all LOVED it, waited for it, and I never sneaked a bit (or a bite) otherwise. Even thinking about it now, yum. I would have chocolate soft serv with pineapple sauce, and try to get as much as possible into the tiny cup we were given.

So no, I still love it.

But the next summer, I worked at a dime store. And for a time, at the candy counter. Don't even mention toasted coconut sticks. Ah...I overdosed.

And Peg, yes, wouldn't we have done anything to be around horses?

Peg H

You bet! And I did. Imagine a fourteen year old taking adults out on trails. Surprisingly they actually listened to me.


Hank, my first job was working in a bakery. I had to wear a uniform and pretty geeky shoes, but I got to be a whiz at tying a string around those pink boxes and breaking it with a snap of my hand. And I still love rich cheesecake and just about everything else my bakery baked. OD'ing on that stuff didn't cure me, either.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, the uniform! At Dairy Queen, we were required to wear all white. Everyone else wore nylon-polyester 60's era nurse outfits.

No way Beatlemaniac me was going to be seen in that get-up! So I wore a white oxford cloth button-down-collar shirt and a white mini-mini-skirt.

Mr. Dairy Queen manager was incensed. And even more so because the rules just said "white."

And yes, though, those little things you learn. Breaking the string. Love it.

Long Island Summer Camp Nurse Needed

That's a great story. DQ is so much better than a dry cleaner. Some summer jobs aren't even in the retail area, like camp counselors and camp nurses. These are jobs with lots of rewards and are always hiring when the summer comes around.

Kristina L.

I learned a lot about how to be "nice even if you didn't feel like it" at McDonald's. Good job for a college student, which I was. I did develop a dislike for Coca-Cola and hamburgers after a while, but I still love milkshakes and fries!

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