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June 03, 2009



Isn't there a hidden "problem" too - that for some people this will be their first meeting with Sherlock Holmes and hence their subsequent reference point.
Do we have a responsibility to preserve the creators original?

Toni LP Kelner

That's a good point, Chris. It's been so long since I encountered Sherlock that I forget about the fresh encounters.

I guess then the question is what part of the original work is most important to the character? Could we make Watson a woman and still be true to Holmes? Not hardly. But maybe the martial arts stuff will work.

Sheila Connolly

To my mind, Sherlock Holmes will always be Basil Rathbone. No argument. But I'll try to give Robert Downey Jr. the benefit of the doubt (if I can just manage to forget all the original books).

I could handle the characterizations of the current Star Trek characters, more or less (but don't ask me to outline the plot). The only thing that bothered me was that Spock's mother was most definitely around for the original series. Another time warp?

Toni LP Kelner

Shelia, the new continuity is an alternate universe. They talk about it a little in the movie, though it's kind of buried in the explosions. The splitting point was when Nero showed up and the ship with Kirk's father was destroyed. In the original continuity, Kirk had a happy childhood with both parents. And of course, Spock's mother and Vulcan were around for a lot longer.

The only remnant of the old continuity in the new is Spock Prime. (That is, the old Spock played by Leonard Nimoy.)

But we're going to have to disagree on Basil Rathbone. Though Rathbone was terrific, I prefer Jeremy Brett.

Susan Neace

When I read the Bee Keeper's Apprentis by Laurel King, although she deviated from the accepted canons, she really gave me back the Sherlock Holmes character I had remembered from the original books and made him vibrant again. I love that series. The most disturbing continuity problem for me with the new Star Trek is that when I originally watched the series, Spock and Kirk were old guys in their 20's when I was a teenager. Now they are young enough to be my grandchildren.


Susan, I feel the same way about Beekeeper's Apprentice and the rest of the Mary Russell books. He's the same Holmes, but also a more real one.

I haven't seen any clips of the new Downey film, but I think I'll like him as Holmes. One of my favorite movies is Young Sherlock Holmes, where Holmes and Watson meet as teenagers. So, as far as movie continuity, the duo as younger men than they're usually portrayed works for me.

Dana Cameron

I'll watch Robert Downey, Jr. play any role and he has the edge I think Holmes should have.

Victorian, yes; scary smart, yes (I can do without the deerstalker). IMO, I think any number of interpretations can be made, as long as the text (and in this case, the historical context) informs them. If you play with the canon, you need good reasons for the choices you make.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Who was it in Seven Per Cent Solution? He was good, right? Oh--Nicol Williamson. And I loved that movie.

I like Robert Downey, I think he's a good actor. And I think if they respect the character--it could be really wonderful.

We all picture Sherlock Holmes as Basil Rathbone, because that's what we grew up thinking. We also grew up with music on records, and three TV networks.

I agree, Chris, there's a responsibility to preserve the creator's original. Yes. Well put.

But that's not Basil Rathbone, right?

Transition is interesting. And sometimes wonderful. So. It'll be fun to see. Hey. Should we go see the movie together?


I agree with you Toni, I prefer Jeremy Brett.

Charlaine Harris

You all come down here, and we'll all go together.

Toni LP Kelner

You know, it would make a funny kind of promotional event. "MWA writers from around the country converge on Magnolia, AR for the first showing of "Sherlock Holmes.""

Donna in Dallas

I've always had that thought whenever I see adaptations of the Jules Verne novels. They always throw in a good looking damsel (or two) even if the book was all testosterone, all the time.

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