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July 26, 2009



Well, yeah. But to balance it, I scythe. No really.


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Dani? You scythe WHAT? Wheat? Grass?

Oh, I know. Adverbs.


I maintain an anti anti-adverb philosophy. So I scythe badly.

You're so right about phone numbers. I can't remember them anymore. Love my GPS. It is a vital tool for navigation. A map is an infuriating mind-scrambling total waste unless you're on the road and gas station has no bathroom tissue. :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Well, you can't read a map while driving. (Unless you're driving in Boston, and then ou can do whatever you want while driving.) And maps don't always make sense when you compare them to reality.

I like maps, actually. They're just not great for finding places.

Sheila Connolly

Trust you to make convenience a verb.

Yeah, I don't remember my husband's phone number, because it's programmed into all my phones. But then, I can't remember my license plate number either.

I'm still afraid of my GPS. Will it mislead me? Will it betray me? But I agree--no way you can read a map while driving. In the dark. When it's raining. Which is usually when you need it most.

Dana Cameron

We run into this occasionally when there's a power outage, Hank. Everything seems to take longer than it should to wade through the question: what did they do, back in the day, before they had X? Ah, the outdoor grill; ah, the candles and flashlight; ah, the cocktail shaker rather than the blender.

And, ooh, look! The iPod is still charged, so we can listen to a lecture together if we use the headphones with a splitter while we wait for the pizza to be delivered!

Laura Ingalls Wilder would be proud.

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