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July 19, 2009


Charlaine Harris

Mary, I love Odd too. He's one of a kind.

Jane O'Riva

I agree. Odd is unique. I just got my books back from my older son and daughter-in-law, now to pass them on to the younger ones.

Donna Andrews

Dang it, Mary, my to-be-read list is already long enough, but now I'm adding Odd to it.


I pass mine on, too, Jane. In the bookstore the other day, I picked up a non-Odd one by Koontz, The Good Guy. The only other stand-alone of his I've read is Darkest Evening of the Year. Golden Retriever lovers should not miss that one!

Sorry about that Donna. Try the first one in audio. That way you circumvent the TBR list somewhat. I like audios for when I've got to organize papers or a closet. Listening keeps me in the room. :)

Susan Neace

I had never heard of the books, but based on your review I bought Odd Thomas, read and loved it and since I won't be back close to a bookstore until next weekend, I got Brother Odd and Forever Odd at the library. Thanks for the recommendation, I will be passing on the recommendation to others who like the same stuff I do.

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