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July 15, 2009



How long has goose been with you?

Charlaine Harris

Let's see. I think 8-10 weeks now.


Hmm, it shouldn't be too domesticated then.
Try uttering Foie Gras, Foie Gras each time you go past?


I think you have a new member of the family. :-) Geese are flock animals, and your family is her flock. More important, a goose's flock will teach her how to be a goose and how to survive in the wild. She'll be able to live outdoors, but you'll probably have to provide food some or all of the time, and maybe a bit of shelter, when it gets cold.

The other day I was at my bird veterinarian's office and talked to a fellow with the oddest looking bird. It was part Canada goose and part something else. His property is near a bar, and he thinks some of the patrons have been feeding booze to the wild ducks and geese that live by a nearby pond. (This could explain a lot.) Anyway, the odd-looking baby wandered onto his property, fell in love with him, and now follows him around everywhere. He said he has to sneak out of the house to play Bingo because the bird gets upset at being left behind. (When he said the word "Bingo", the bird made a very distressed sound - it knows the word.)

Welcome to the wonderful and entertaining world of being owned by a bird!

Kristina L.

I don't know much about geese, but when I was a teen, we had 3 hand-raised ducks that were fun to have around. The male duck would go after our dog, who promptly backed off, even though the dog was large and he was mostly German Shepherd and 1/4 wolf. I've heard geese make great "watchdogs", or maybe "watchbirds".

Charlaine Harris

It's been interesting watching Goose grow, but frankly juggling three dogs and Goose is quite a job. I hope that Goose meets a flock she can belong to; she'll never be a true goose unless she does.


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Charlaine Harris

Okay. Does this make anyone want to rush out to investigate this book?

Jen Alexander

No, I won't be reading it. How does the Harris clan fancy the idea of Goose for Thanksgiving? Teasing, of course, but good luck, we had a Goose (same name) growing up and it started out as a pleasant experience until our Goose decided that it was funny to bite the butts of every person under 5' which included me. Goose found the screaming funny as she would tottle away honking!

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