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July 22, 2009


Sheila Connolly

The local news has been running a story this week about somebody's glass shower door that simply exploded without warning. This was hard on the heels of a warning about glass table-tops that also shattered spontaneously. Think there's a pattern here?

Donna Andrews

When things like this happen to me, I usually assume the universe is giving me fodder for a plot. What would Tilda Harper do? (Meg Langslow, my heroine, would call one of Mother's cousins to fix it, and be very shocked when the cousin came back report the body in the trunk.)

Toni LP Kelner

Shelia, the glass shower door and table-top breakage was probably due to glass fatigue. Since our car isn't that old, and is of shatterproof glass, that doesn't seem likely. But an interesting thought.

Donna, Tilda would cuss and call the insurance agency. But if the missile that broke the window turned out to be a rare promotional BRADY BUNCH collectible, a reproduction of the ball that broke Marcia's nose, then it might be interesting.


I attended a three day course/therapy/lecture/education once and the leader/teacher/therapist/coach made a big thing out of telling everyone that at the end of the second day they would reveal the meaning of life.
At various moments during the first two days he repeated the promises with increasing enthusiasm until anticipation in the room was very high.
At the alloted moment, after a break before which he had stated "after the break - The Meaning of Life", he strolled to the front with the biggest dictionary i had ever seen.
He opened it and read.
"Life- the period between birth and death".


In a mystery the woman who came to your door to tell you about the broken window might prove to be the one who broke it. But only after our sleuth exhausted the more obvious solutions. Is life imitating art? Do you know why she was out in the dark, supposedly spotting the result of nefarious deeds?

Rachel Haynes

Excellent post. I find it somehow poetic that these things can have so little meaning sometimes, and that 42 is as valid a meaning as we can invent sometimes.

I would contend, however, that perhaps the meaning in this situation has nothing to do with the broken window but in the small kindnesses of strangers on rainy night that can make life a bit more tolerable.

Charlaine Harris

Okay . . . was it broken from the outside (as you might expect)? Wouldn't it be much more interesting if it had been broken from the INSIDE? What if something was trying to get out of your car, rather than in? There's a story there.

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