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August 02, 2009


Miriam Forster

*does happy dance about new Meg Langslow mystery*

Also, Coeur d'Alene--where my parents live--does something similar. With life sized moose, of course. :-)



Congratulations on making the NYT extended list with your new book (it deserves to be there). The book is absolutley wonderful. And I'm glad to see that the characters continue to grow as time progresses. It keeps them from becoming stale. And I love the fainting sheep and the belties.

PS While I love getting to read about Meg's adventures every year, I still miss Turing Hopper.

Dana Cameron

Donna, huzzah on making the NYT extended list!

And I love the fences; I still have fond memories of discovering the "Taxi Crab" with you in Baltimore!


I'm with you on the happy dance, except that I WAS doing so good about not blowing my budget on books (well, hardcover books) and holding out to go book shopping until right before I left on vacation in two weeks and NOW I HAVE to go buy the new Meg tonight. See, I HAVE to buy the Meg books the SECOND they come out, even if it is in hardback (I have book space issues too) because I read them over and over and over again. It's like hearing from family that you love. I probably wouldn't even go crazy having Meg's family. Except on the puffin island. Maybe.

Kristina L.

"Swan for the Money" is great! I ran out and bought it as soon as I found out it was available.

I re-read books too (and also have a space problem with books), and I end up re-reading this series a lot!

I loved the whole black-and-white thing, although I agree with Meg that it would be kind of weird in real life. It was fun to picture, though.

I'm trying to think of what would be easier if you wanted everything to be only in 2 colors. For just nature, brown and green occur a lot (mud and trees). For animals, well, brown would work well for many types of animals. :)

Donna Andrews

Miriam, I guess moose do make more sense than cows on Coeur d'Alene!

And thanks, Elaine. Don't worry; Turing's not gone but sleeping.

Dana, I still love the Taxi Crab! And congrats to you on the Macavity and Anthony noms!

CilleyGirl, sorry about the budget, but I do hope you enjoy the book, and I'm very flattered whenever I find out my books are on someone's must-buy list.

Kristina, during one brief phase of my youth I tried to decorate in black and red. It didn't last long, thank goodness. Extremism of any kind, even if it's only decorating extremism, is very hard to live with--even for the person responsible.


I loved the book! (Still officially have about 30 more pages to go, but I had to skip ahead to skim the ending so that I could go to bed ) But now I'm trying not to anxiously await the next book to find out (I'll try not to spoil here so this may sound weird) about "the bag" and the Princess.

I'm already planning which Meg books to take on my vacation to re-read while I'm with my parents. They (the books) are like a security blanket -- they either reassure me my parents aren't so bad, or let me pretend for a while that I have a big noisy family instead of just being an only child

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