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August 05, 2009


Patti Abbott

We watched Shaman Drum in Ann Arbor close recently. A very sad day.

Dana Cameron

So many great stores closing, Patti, as Kris pointed out recently. I'm sorry to hear about Shaman Drum. I'm glad I had a chance to know these places and will do my best to cherish the ones still hanging in there.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sheila Connolly

While it was a sad day for mystery readers and writers, it was amazing to see the volunteers swarm in and pack up all (all!) of the books in hours. A real tribute to Kate and the community she created.


Such sad photos, Dana. The empty shelves are heartbreaking. But it does demonstrate the best part of independent stores, and that's that they become community gathering spots, bringing readers and writers together.


It surely was, Sheila. I was glad to be a part of it--and all the good times, too.

Absolutely, Kris. That's why I prefer the party pics!

Julie Wray Herman

I cannot imagine Boston without Kate's store.

To me, it will always be a great place -- I'm so glad I got to shop there when in town.

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