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September 06, 2009


PK the Bookeemonster

On a long car trip between Billings,MT (our hometown) and Denver (7 hour drive), I learned the hard way not to have a hot-button-political-issue discussion of which the discussees are on different sides. Bad bad move. There is no escape in a car other than deafening silence for hours.
I've also learned on long car trips that the co-pilot (me) is not supposed to find self distraction/amusement by reading but is supposed to stare at the passing landscape.
When will I learn not to go on roadtrips?

Venus de Hilo

For a moment there I wondered if we are married to the same guy.


Maybe it's just "people" that are different?

Sheila Connolly

I think it's a male strategy. You say, "ooh, look at that pretty whatever," and they just keep driving. They know what you want (certainly after many years), but they don't want to do it, so they play deaf and dumb. Yup, I've got one of them too.

Rhys Bowen

My husband actually enjoyes shopping but only if it falls with the "useful toys" category. He bought a very expensive oyster shucker the other day. We have oysters maybe once a year. Antiques, clothes, art are not useful, hence not worth stopping for.

Donna Andrews

My father was much nicer for Mom to travel with--he liked getting lost on byways, and was so fond of dawdling to gawk at sights that he would be regularly passed by Amish buggies on Pennsylvania side roads.

But not on the last day of the trip. Suddenly, his inner homing pigeon would kick in, and Mom would have a hard time getting him to stop for food and bathroom breaks during the final few hours of a trip.

I've been told I have a touch of this Andrewsian trait, but I try to suppress it!

(Incidentally I can testify that Rhys is a great companion on a signing trip!)


Hank Phillippi Ryan

How about:

Hank: Soon, I have to go to the bathroom.

Jonathan: Okay. In a minute.

Many exits whiz (oops) by.

Hank: Um, can we stop, like now-ish?

Sign says: next exit 39 miles.


LOL! I've learned not to say, "Ooh! Look at that," by which I mean, "Let's stop and look at that," but which never registers with Joe. Instead, I shout,"Turn in there. Now!" Sometimes that actually takes him by such surprise, that he does it. How can men married for many years not understand the code words?

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