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September 11, 2009



Do youthat think, if you are brutally honest, you didn't take the lessons "away from" Scooby Doo" but realized you could "apply' them after working through a lot of trial and error?
And one thing that remains to draw a lesson from and apply it to writing is - how come the Scooby Team are intrigued by the mysterious things that go on around them yet never question the fact that a dod talks?

Toni LP Kelner

Chris, brutal honesty and Scooby Doo cartoons are just incompatible.

As for the talking dog, it's a fair point. Then again, I've written vampire mysteries and werewolf mysteries. So I guess I allow one impossibility per story.

Tori Lennox

Wow. I'm suddenly feeling really old. *g*


Yes, sorry - dog.

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Janet Reid

Wait---dogs DON"T talk??

Toni LP Kelner

Well, my poodle did, but I don't think it was English.

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