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January 19, 2010


Sue Ann Jaffarian

Miranda is my kind of gal! Congrats on all your success, Kelli, and may you enjoy much more! XOXOXO

Kelli Stanley

Thanks a million, Sue Ann! :) And congrats back at you for your stellar Odelia--a heroine for the ages! :)


sophie littlefield

I am loving the idea of Miranda, Odelia and Stella at the bar in Smitty's in Oakland. Miranda would have to time-travel but it would be worth it. :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, hey, could Charlie come too? Maybe she could report on the time travel.

Sophie! Congratulations!! You're quite the FF yourself...xo

Kelli Stanley

I'm guessing that foursome would NOT be playing bridge ... :)

BTW, girls--Martha Stewart's mag just declared this the year of bourbon. Finally!! So maybe that time-travel thing IS working ... ! ;)

And Soph, huge and well-deserved congratulations, sweetheart!!! ;)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

The year of bourbon? Hmm. She might just as well call it the year of headaches, if that's what I'm going to have to drink to we cool...

Kelli Stanley

I promise to introduce you to some smooth and headache-free bourbon at SF Bouchercon, Hank! :)

Small-batch, properly aged--much better than rye. And you can always drink it in a Manhattan--yum! :)

Besides ... you could drink tepid tap water and still be coolest chick around!! ;)


Kelli, thanks for bringing your femmes fatales to the blog! They sound like dames I'd want to hang with!

And...did you say 'bourbon?' ::purrs:: Count me in!

Kelli Stanley

Thanks, Dana!! It's an honor to be here! And wonderful to meet another bourbon fan ... a woman after my own heart. :)

I highly recommend Eagle Rare ... smooth as silk, and nearly as seductive.

Miranda drinks Old Taylor, and Four Roses figures into the plot ... ah, yes, the things we do for research! ;)

Mike Dennis

Nice post, Kelli. But when assembling your rogues gallery of femmes fatales, don't forget Jane Greer.

Kelli Stanley

Ah, Jane. She was something, wasn't she? Out of the Past ... and another team-up with Mitchum in The Big Steal.

Thanks for the reminder, Mike! Who can forget her turn on the sand with Mitchum, when he draws a breath and says, "Baby--I don't care"? What a noir--what a femme fatale! :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Kelli, who are your favorite femmes fatales? (Besides us, of course...)

Kelli Stanley

Well ... present company excluded ;) ... I guess I'd have to say:

Rita Hayworth (all time fave)
Barbara Stanwyck
Gloria Grahame (in anything, even The Greatest Show on Earth)
Evelyn Keyes
Joan Crawford
and Mary Astor (she played a great Brigid in The Maltese Falcon).

Thanks for asking, Hank! Noir City, the film festival, starts this Friday--wish you could come! :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, yes, me, too, Rita Hayworth.

And how cool--Rita and I have the same birthday. (Fine, fine, not the same year!)

Kelli, you're the best! Many congratulations...you are the genuine article.

Kelli Stanley

Thanks so much, dear Hank--it's an honor to be here with you. And how special to share Rita's birthday! My favorite film noir is a tough call, but I think I'd have to go with Gilda. And that Put the Blame on Mame dress!! Jean Louis, you were a genius. ;)

And, dear one, to quote another wonderful period song ...

You're the top! ... ;)

Thanks for having me on Femmes Fatales!!


Kelli, this sounds like such an exciting book. Thanks for coming over and sharing at the Femmes!

Diana James

Kelli - I'm looking forward to City of Dragons, Miranda sounds like my kind of gal.

Seeing San Francisco thru her eyes will be a joy, the 20's was such an exciting period in our history. I'm a total buff for the fashion of that period, hope you've captured Miranda's wardrobe!!!

Kelli Stanley

Thank you, Mary! It's been an honor to hang out with some of my favorite writers! :)

Kelli Stanley

Thanks, Diana! :) I hope you won't be disappointed, though--City of Dragons is set in February of 1940 ... though I think the fashions then were just as awesome as the Roaring '20s!! :)

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