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February 13, 2010


Karen in Ohio

Fascinating premise, Hank! And happy V-D to you, too!

For some reason people--mostly men--have told me secrets since I was in high school. When Terry told me he and his friends were the ones who overturned the headstones in the cemetery where my grandfather was the sexton, I didn't tell. But I also told them to stop doing it, that it made extra, and difficult, work for my grandpa, and if they wanted my friendship I'd best not hear about that kind of stuff happening again. (It never did. I was amazed.)

Do you ever read the Sunday PostSecret posts? Every week I think about what kind of secret I would share on a postcard, and there is only one. But I'm hanging on to it. It is the core of a plot premise I hope to eventually work into a novel. It has to do with revenge, which in this case will be served ice cold, but no less satisfying, I hope.

Elaine Viets

When I was a reporter, Hank, people told me secrets. Very personal things about their lives and their marriages. I didn't want this information, but I never told.
Congratulations on "Drive Time."


Congratulations on the new book, Hank!

Sounds like Charlie's got a lot on her plate. This idea of different loyalties and how to handle them is such a good one, for any kind of fiction, especially mysteries. Creating conflict for my characters is so tough. I know they need it, but it's so hard when I want them to have a sweet happy life. :)


Congratulations on DRIVE TIME, Hank, and the wonderful, wonderful starred review!


DRIVE TIME sounds great, Hank! I can't wait to read it. Major congrats on the starred review!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Thanks, gang. One of the true pleasures of this whole thing is being here with you.

Karen--what's the Sunday PostSecret posts? (And hmm..I have heard there are some people who attract secrets..you may be one of them!)

Karen in Ohio

Hank, you must see these, they're amazing:


The Sunday Secrets are posted weekly. I'm thoroughly addicted to them, and cry and laugh every week.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, going right now! Thanks! xo H

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Wow. Amazing. Thank you! (I think..) Hooked!


As a nurse, people share a lot of stuff they fail to tell those close to them. I'm always being told secrets at work and in everyday life. One time, I figured out my cousin was pregnant just in her voice on the phone. She swore me to secrecy and I kept my mouth closed until she had spread her own good news. Listening is almost a lost art, since most have their own agenda with points to make like politicians being interviewed. I like to ask multiple questions and see their points of view. Many people keep secrets even from themselves.


The two men in my life (both deceased) each told me a secret. I would never tell their secrets because it would cause people to think differently about them. . . and people aren't on the same wave-length in general and may misunderstand, so it would not be right if I told their secrets anyway. I have only just heard about you from my girlfriend finding your books, I can't wait to read them. Blessings, Janet

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