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February 04, 2010


Nick Mar Alovera

I saw your post above, it is unique! How I wish to go there.

Janet Reid

"pleasant inefficiency" is a great phrase. Sadly, I know EXACTLY what you mean.


I'm not big on "quaint" and "historic," either. I remember one B&B hostess who was almost in tears because didn't choose to eat her only breakfast offering. A good innkeeper should want her guests to enjoy their stays, not guilt them into eating something they don't like. I'll take the modern place with brisk workers, too, especially when they'll deliver whatever food I want and not editorialize about it.


And yet...large and modern don't always come through, either, Charlaine (as I'm sure you know). My husband and I were traveling and DESPERATELY needed clothes cleaned and decided to splurge on having the hotel do them because we needed sleep. They called and woke us up FIVE TIMES to verify, change, clarify, and eventually announce the pre-delivery and final delivery of the clothes. Arrrgh.

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