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September 20, 2010


Sheila Connolly

Lord Peter, of course. He had it all. Lucky Harriet!

Karen in Ohio

For my money, Emerson is much more attractive than Ramses' callow youth.


Great post Jessica! I always seem to develop a crush on the hunky males in the books I read.


Good post. I love Roarke.

Mary S.

Not really crushes, but I do love these:

Campion - kind and super-intelligent but plays dumb to catch the bad guys.

Charles, the friend/love interest in the Mallory books by Carol O'Connell. Similar to Campion but has more emotional depth.

Elvis Cole - immature in the first couple of books but after that, great. I do love those wisecrackers.

Bernie, the down-on-his-luck PI in Dog On It by Spencer Quinn. He's a good crush hunk because he's strong, big-hearted, a good fighter, went to West Point, is an ex-cop, sticks to his morals no matter what, and of course, loves his dog, Chet, who didn't quite make the cut as a police dog. Actually, I think I do have a crush on Chet. He's loyal, works hard, can rescue you when you're in trouble, and almost everything makes him happy. :)

Jessica Park

Aw, isn't it fun to have these fictional crushes? And the good news is that we'll just keep getting more and more of them. Plus, we can always go back and visit the old ones!

Thank you to all the ladies at Femmes Fatales for having me!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Campion, Campion! Of course! Brilliant.


I've been madly in love with (Robert Parker's) Spenser for years. Susan Silverman is one lucky woman!!

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