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September 05, 2010


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Charlaine, I'm truly howling. Nathan Fillion is right now probably trying to write a blog about how he was tongue-tied around YOU!

(Although actually, your encounters with him don't sound too pleasant...are you sure you want to pursue it?)

And I'm with you--I too have turned down invitations to meet famous people. I think--why? But whoa, I love to see them up close!

lil Gluckstern

This is so funny to me. I live 25 minutes south of San Francisco, but health and financial issues preclude my attending Bouchercon. But you know what really gets to me? The incredible richness of all of you people whom I admire in one place. I'd be walking around with this big silly grin on my face, mumbling, "I love your work, I so love your work, and I do buy so many of your books, and I would leave with shopping bags filled with...never mind. You are the star now, they should be honored to meet you.


Charlaine, if you ever get near NF again, I'd just nod, say "Cap'n," and move on. Or send his publicist a book and a note. But balancing the fun of seeing him with not getting to talk...argh!

Karen in Ohio

I haven't seen a current movie yet this year, I don't think. Maybe The Proposal, but that's it.

I'd much rather read any of the Femmes' books!

Charlaine Harris

No, I'll never talk to Nathan Fillion again unless his publicist approaches my publicist. I guess we won't swap Christmas cards. I guess my feeling is if you go to party, a public event given by a magazine, you should know that people you don't know will approach you. That's the purpose of parties, right? So you expect to be interrupted briefly. But that's just my supposition, and not one shared by him, apparently. My bad!

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