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October 19, 2010


Sarah Shaber

I'll be in St. Louis next year--please let it be this much fun!

lil Gluckstern

Congratulations to Hank and cheers to Dana. thank you for all of your impressions, sounds wonderful, and you make it come alive!

Toni L.P. Kelner

Sarah, if you're there, it'll definitely be at least as much fun.


Sarah, you are going to have such a good time! We'll see you there.


just so you know, thanks to Hank, Donna and Harley, between the raffle and the auction, we raised $5000 for our charities. Everyone should be so impressed - they managed to raise $3800 in 30, count it, 30 minutes. You. Guys. So. Rock.

Judy Bobalik

Toni, next year dance by me. I can't dance but still have fun. I don't do The Electric Slide and I can't spell YMCA. We could be the same person.

Janet Reid

Judy can dance! I'm a witness! In fact, one of my highlights at Bouchercon 2010 was being there when Judy and Rae both did a San Francisco version of The Frug. Sans music. In the hall. It was truly inspiring.

Judy Bobalik

Oh, that's what Rae and I were doing?


Thanks, Lil! Boy, am I sorry I missed the disco now...but there's always dancing, somewhere, at B'con.

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