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October 31, 2010


Nancy H

I definitely prefer a small village mystery to big city crime. When I read, I want to learn more about human nature through the inter-relationships of the characters. And I prefer small-town settings as well. I can't wait to read Molly's next story in Negative Image. Mine is on order!

Barbara Fradkin

I think the small town mystery can be as much a sociological phenomenon as a physical one. Big cities have communities too, bound not by the proximity of streets but by the connections between people. People who work at a particular office, or belong to the same family or even go to the same club. You can still have the human connections, the secrets, the intimate overlap of a "small town" mystery within a big city. It's not all about drugs and terrorism.

Vicki Delany

Good points, Barbara! And thanks very much Nancy.


Miss MArple said that everything that happens in a large city happens in a small village only on a smaller scale.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Welcome, Vicki! In Boston recently(hardly a small touwn!) a stranger on the street asked me for directions.

That evening, I took the Amtrak Acela to New York City. And she was

I can't stop thinking about that.

“I’m not interested in what happens here most of the time.” is a terrific line! Hope you're selling piles of books. xo

Hank Phillippi Ryan

"town" I mean...


The coincidences sometimes seem more pronounced in small towns. I've seen amazing run-ins in my small town bookstore. People encounter others they haven't seen since high school; people from two different states run into someone they know in a third state. I guess it could happen in big cities, too. With respect to mysteries, it gets back to relationships, and they exist in all locales. It's the examinations of relationships, and the stresses and breakdowns of them, that I especially love about the mystery.

Vicki Delany

Thanks for your wishes, Hank. I like writing the small town setting because coincidences happen and they're more believable, when coincidences happen in a city (fictionally) they seem more forced or contrived. I'm on vacation right now in Vegas. Staying in the Luxor which is about the size of a city! and keep running into my relatives.

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