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November 02, 2010


Karen in Ohio

Sounds like a fun read, Elaine. Harry is such a blockhead!

And wait! Josie has a new boyfriend? Can't wait to read this one.

Elaine Viets

Her boyfriend is the vet she dated in the last book, Karen. The romance is getting serious.
Harry the Horrible will remain . . .well, horrible. Bosses rarely change for the better. At least the ones I encountered.


Your Josie books are always so much fun. This new one is in my Kindle and is next up to be read. Whoo Hoo!!

Karen in St. Louis

Thanks, Mo. Glad you're Kindling. (is that a verb?) Enjoy Josie's latest adventure.
Elaine Viets (I'm on tour and I've hijacked a computer in St. Louis.)

Donna Andrews

I love the idea of the bad boss composite! Although I've avoided doing the same to my two least favorite bosses because at critical moments in my writing career, they helped me figure out that maybe I should be doing something completely different from my day job.

Karen in St. Louis

I really should thank some of my bad bosses. I decided risking starvation was better than dealing with them every day. I like my new life so much better. It was worth the risk.
Elaine Viets
(still on tour and still using Karen's computer)

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