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December 05, 2010


Sheila Connolly

Stress is good for writers. That elevated blood pressure sends more blood to the brain. Right.

I have a recurring dream that I've missed an important event that I promised to take care of. Deadline anxiety? Heck, my next one isn't until February 1st! Plenty of time (cough, cough) to finish that book.

Elaine Viets

My next book deadline is in March, which is never going to come, right?
Whooshing you happy holidays and tamed deadlines.

Rochelle Staab

I nibble at deadlines like a squirrel on a nut. A little writing every day until inspiration or guilt takes over and punches me in the gut, usually at the eleventh hour. There's something very creative at the core of fright.

Toni, I hope your Holidays are filled with joy. Wishing you happiness, continued success, and flexible deadlines in 2011!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh,yeah, deadlines. If they didn't exist, someone would have to create them. Oh, wait...


Any post that starts with a reference to Douglas Adams is fine by me, Toni.

And Happy Groundhog Day to you, too!

Toni L.P. Kelner

Shelia, don't sweat it. You don't need sleep, do you?

Elaine, March is a whole 'nother year. Plenty of time.

Rochelle, sometimes I'm better at nibbling than others. Lately I've had to gulp to get things done in time.

Hank, oh they exist. Boy howdy do they exist! One is looking at me now. I have a tiny stuffed black poodle on top of my monitor--I named him Deadline because he looms constantly.

Dana, did I miss that one too?

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