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December 20, 2010



And, I should add: a merry, a happy, a wonderful holiday to everyone!


I just found this website thru Mary Saums web. Love reading every ones writings.
I know this isn't probably where I should be asking this, but I can't find any where to comment or email to Mary Saums. I have just found and read her book Thistle and Twigg and did find her second in the series. But I can't find any of her other books and don't see where she has written since Mighty old Bones. I love this series and was really hoping for many more escapades of Mrs. Thistle. I did see that Mary posted in Oct of this year but I can't comment there. I would really like to know if Mary has written any more books since '08 or if she intends to write more.
there is nowhere to contact her on her web site either. Sorry to put this on your comments but I would really like to know what is happening with Mary Saums. Thanks for letting me post here.


Thanks for sharing such fun tips for slowing down during the holidays. Soothing winter music always does it for me, especially Sarah Brightman's "A Winter Symphony." But there's nothing wrong with a nip of NyQuil on New Year's Eve, even if you don't have a cold.


Ronny, I'm glad you were able to find Mary! Thanks for stopping by!

Mary, the noise is...wonderful. And the cats get very excited tracking down the projectiles, and even find missing ones, and bring them to us!

Ah, Kris, a woman after my own heart!

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