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December 16, 2010



I did a project on photography for one of my courses in college lately. It was strange to think in terms of photography and poetry. I tried to match photos with some of my poetry but came up with simply taking photos of what is important in my life. One of my favorites was of a pink shy at sunset through tress. I love the idea of the 365 project. Maybe I'll try it. Thanks.

Donna Andrews

It's worth trying, Leslie. I find that engaging in a creative activity, like photography, that is completely nonverbal brings me back to my writing with new energy.

Kristina L

Cool idea. The sky this time of year can be lovely. If I did this, I'd keep wanting to put it off for 2 weeks and then go to the zoo and put up 40 pictures :)

Elaine Viets

Now I know what that "365 Project picture" means on your Facebook page. Enjoyed this blog -- enjoy your pictoral journey.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Donna, this iw wonderful!!! For so many reasons, but to look at the world in a visual way is something that's so inspiring.. What a terrific project..

Susan M

I don't take enough pics to qualify for the 365 pics kinda thing. I know this because I signed up for one once. Hah!

Enjoyed your pics and reflections on picturating ;-)

Best wishes on your new commitment!

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