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December 26, 2010



I too watched BBC's Sherlock expecting not to like it and was amazed at how wonderful it was. not enough episodes in Series 1. I am waiting impatiently now for Series 2.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

I loved it. Love it love it. Clever, and intelligent and funny and droll. Love that BBC's Sherlock texts, love the references to real" stories--its just all good.

How about the marvelous Seven Per Cent Solution? On of my all time faves. (No backhand, Holmes, no backhand!)

Mary S.

Me too, Mo. What were they thinking, only doing three? :) I'll be getting the DVDs for sure.

Hank, it has been such a long time since I read Seven Percent Solution that I barely remember it. Another one to add to the To Be Re-Read Soon pile!

Susan M

I'm another one who thought the new BBC series would never work only to find I liked it after all.

I know what you mean about finding all the different interpretations kinda working, in their own quirky way. Tom Baker & Frank Langella played Sherlock too, and I enjoyed those efforts as well (televised stage productions. I think I saw those in the 80's)

However, IMHO, the very best Sherlock Holmes is/was Jeremy Brett ;)

Mary S.

I think you're right, Susan. I always picture him when reading Laurie King's Mary Russell/Sherlock series which I LOVE.

I don't think I've seen the Frank Langella shows. Will have to look for them. Thanks!!


"Without a Clue" was funny!


Mary, I'll admit: I'm not much for Holmes on TV or movies (never as good as in the books!). But the new BBC Sherlock is just unbelievably good, probably because the writers/producers are such die-hard fans.

Ellis Vidler

The new kids on the block surprised me too. I didn't expect to like it, but now I can't wait for more--which I hear are in the works.

Mary S.

Ellis, yes, when the new one shows on TV, my various worlds will be put on hold so I can sit for an hour or so and enjoy the new kids. :) Wouldn't it be fun to sit in on their writers' brainstorming sessions. I bet they have a blast.

Happy New Year to you!

Toni L.P. Kelner

Mary, I'm with you. Even a bad Sherlock is still Sherlock. I have seen the Langella play on HBO, and thought it was pretty good. And I liked Without a Clue and Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother. (The latter is really not a good movie--but I still liked it.)

And I ADORE the new show Sherlock! We've already watched it multiple times, and will probably do so again while waiting for Season 2.

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