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December 12, 2010


Mary S.

First of all, I'm grateful none of my neighbors have put goats under my window. That sounds like something from a wild dream you thought could never happen in real life. :) Good luck with the January resolution on that.

I'm about 80% optimist now. A little closer to reality but far enough from it to enjoy and be thankful for every day.

I like your resolve to bring more harmony into hectic days. That's a good one to start my own new year's list with. Thanks!

cadeau saint valentin

Tres original!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yeha, Mary, I'm with you.Grateful there are no hungry goats in my back yard. But I must say I'm kind of worried about those goats.

And there's a hilarous typo in your post, which you should definitely NOT fix. You called the rooster a "roaster." Oh, was that on purpose??



The goats actually sound something like babies crying. At first I wasn't sure what I was hearing. It's much better to pen goats than infants!

Thanks, Cadeau.

Much luck on your harmony resolve, Mary.

Hank, it wasn't intended. I didn't even catch it. I am more unconsciously clever than consciously, it seems. But I'll leave it there so others can have some fun with it.


I thought it was "roaster" on purpose, too, Hank! Made sense to me...

Sounds like the goats could use a good kidnapping, Kris. Happy optimism!

Julie Herman

I'm glad your neighbors didn't get donkeys. They don't have to be hungry to be annoying.

So glad things are going well in your world! Congratulations on the success of your books this year -- you so deserve this.



Thanks, Julie!

I never thought I'd be grateful for goats, but now I am. Just don't anyone mention donkeys to my neighbor.

Jackie Vick

If he's not feeding them, you SHOULD kidnap the poor things. Maybe he put them by his bedroom so he could hear if there was a problem. Lots of big cats and coyotes in AZ.

So, are you going to share how to became an optimist?


You're right about the coyotes here, Jackie. When this butt-head leaves the chickens and whatnot out of their pens, I worry about the coyotes jumping the fence and snagging dinner.

As to the optimism...it helps to own your own bookstore. I've read my way through our personal growth section, and some of it took.

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