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February 27, 2011


Marianne Plumridge

Hi Toni,
We're at a lot conventions through the year. We started at Arisia again this year because it occurs at a better location now. Boskone is always a regular, as is Lunacon in Rye Town NY, near the border of Connecticut. However, while you diverge back to proper mystery conventions, we continue on with the SF ones. I loved attending the Charm City Bouchercon, but haven't gotten near one since, mores the pity. I have sent my mum, who breeds dogs and loves them very much, your books in the past and she really enjoyed them. I still haven't gotten to them on my must read list yet, but I'm glad that dogs are getting a showing. Cats in fiction seem to be everywhere. If you get a chance to get a copy of SIRIUS: THE DOG STAR sf anthology from a second hand book store (it's about 5 years old now), I think you'll enjoy the sf take on dogs in fiction.


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