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March 21, 2011



Thanks for the lovely comments on the Daddy's Girls' Weekend! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself!


That sounds like a whole lot of fun. Definitely sounds like something I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Saums

Sarah! I had a great time. Thanks for helping to make it such fun.

Today I realized I must have mixed up the song Ben chose with Dean's. If you remember which was which, let me know. :)

Leslie, if they do it next year, I hope you can go. You'd love it!

Elaine Viets

Mary, what a cool conference. And Dean James so deserves the Big Daddy title.

Katie Wood Ruffin

Mary, what a great weekend it was! I'm still recovering myself and hope to see you next year

Amber Green

I wish I'd known about this event. Perhaps I should drop by and read this blog more often.

Mary Saums

Yeah, Dean is such a great guy. I'm amazed at how all three contestants threw themselves into the fun, especially with it being 3 guys vs. about 30 women. :)

Mary Saums

Katie and Amber, glad you stopped by and please do come visit again. There's no telling what any of the Femmes are liable to talk about. :) I hope to see you both at DG II.

An'gel Molpus

Mary, it was a fabulous weekend!The opportunity to meet and visit with you and others in attendance was a treat. I loved every minute and can't wait for next year's event. Dean will be Big Daddy in my heart forever! :0)

Mary Saums

Hey, An'gel! Maybe Carolyn & Sarah will let Dean keep that title. They're so creative, they could think up something new for the next batch of victims. :)


What fun! Thanks in particular for the pic of Dean and Julie, Mary!

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