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March 06, 2011


Linda O.

As anybody who knows me, or who reads my Pet-Sitter mysteries, or has read the first in my new Pet Rescue Mystery series, I adore dogs and let them rule my life! Love your description of your beloved dogs, Kris. As I always say, I remain at my pups' bark and call.


You house sounds a lot like mine. I have a big sign on the door: This house is run for the convenience of our dogs. Says it all. And yes, two of mine have flunked obedience - several times. I still love them!


My dog never went to obedience school. But he trained us fairly well without it. We almost lost him a few weeks back. He was very ill and we thought we were going to lose him. My daughter almost came home early from school. The cat never left his side. Stayed with him and snuggled up to him.I think that the cat thinks that she is a dog. She never meows. Probably because she has not figured out how to bark.


Much luck with the new series, Linda.


Tiger, we don't have the sign, but it's just as true in our household! The truth is we like spirited dogs that see no point in obedience classes!


Oh, Leslie, what a scare you had! I hope he's doing okay now. Animal devotion really is evident when one of their pals is sick. I've seen it in my pets, too. Good thoughts for you and your dog.

Teri O

Our dogs (all 4)know they are the teachers, we are the students. Relax, curl up with me, nothing is as important as a tummy scratch is what they seem to convey. Okay, except the cattle dog. She is vigilant. Well, except for the tummy rub thing. The others, two sister beagles and a shepard/whatever mix live to eat, sleep, play and be lap blankets. not a bad life!


Teri, they all sound like great friends. I also think they're here to teach us something. A pretty nice life, I'd say.

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