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March 22, 2011


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Elaine, you're hilarious...xoxo

Elaine Viets

My husband thinks that cops are like animals -- they can feel my fear.


I have become so terrified about getting a ticket that I watch my speed like a hawk and drive my husband crazy watching the speed when he drives. In the closest town where the High School is the chief of police is also the cross country running coach as well as one of the track coaches. So, to save mortification for my daughter, who is on both teams, I am the sole of non speeding. And I know they smell my fear. They are always behind me.

Elaine Viets

Do you think the cops are behind us because they know we're rattled?Maybe they've had a bad day at work and enjoy scaring a civilian.


A friend says that no they are not stalking me. That is only my over developed sense of guilt and fear of Authority. I said no, they are stalking me.

Elaine Viets

I agree,Leslie. They are after us.

Elaine Viets

But maybe if they catch you, they'll leave me alone.

Storyteller Mary

Too funny! But how nice of him to help a neighbor!

Elaine Viets

For all you hear about condo commandos, we are blessed with good neighbors at ours.


I used to have a neighbor who was a police officer. He let me know that the light was out in my car, so I was able to fix it before I got a ticket.

Elaine Viets

Kris, I haven't met a mean cop since I was a kid, and that officer went after one of my brothers -- with good reason. Some part of me is still 16. Just not the part that shows.


Great neighbor, Elaine! Any clue what road keys are?

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