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March 10, 2011


Teri O

I think you made the right color choice. Bahamian Blue sounds like an illicit drug. 'Hey, I have Bahamian Blue in the bathroom.'
Making time and place for life while it does its best to get in the way sounds familiar.
My sister died a few months ago, and was cremated. I am in the process of carving her urn, and finding an area to work is a challenge. Thirty three pounds of pink soapstone is not kind to floors, dogs, partners or nieces. All of which are underfoot. As I am trying to carve, implements of creativity/destruction in hand, safety goggles and surgical mask in place, my attention is needed elsewhere. 'Are you busy' when I an yielding a mallet and chisel seems a silly question, but is asked with all earnestness. Yea esss seems obvious. I have been relegated to working on the front porch. Where neighbors walk by. And ask questions. Lots of questions. Children fear me. Okay, so in my goggles, mask and apron, chisels,dremel and saw nearby, sandpaper at the ready, I may look a bit foreboding.
When I am carving, soapstone shrapnel flying, muttering to myself, it should be sacrosanct time. Not so. Hopefully, her urn will be finished before long. Before I have visions of stuffing my family into it. Oops...

Julie Gerber

Are you going to post pics when the rooms are done?!

Mary Saums

It's amazing you can create a little 'nest' to work in with all that going on!

Life is keeping me from sorting and moving paperwork into my study's closet. It's clothes-free now, and the various filing containers are in place there, ready to go.

The best organizing advice I've found: When you have a huge task, like paperwork all over the place, set yourself a small daily time limit, like ten or twenty minutes. Set a timer, focus on a small section of your project, and when the timer dings, you can quit. Ten minutes are a lot easier for me to find than a long block of uninterrupted 'extra' hours.

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