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April 24, 2011


Elaine Viets

Stacey, I am so sorry that you and your colleagues will lose their jobs. When bookstores close, it's a sad day for readers and writers.

Victoria Allman

I understand the monetary reason of a bookstore closing, but I really don't understand the emotional reason. Bookstores are a loved part of our lives that should be preserved, no matter how much the industry and economics change.
It is sad.
Best of luck with The Pirates of Lobster Cove. I love the title!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yeah, I was so touched by this..Stacey has changed so many lives. And I keep thinking--this'll be the time for her book to shine! (Won't it be weird when she's doing the signings--as the author?)

Rochelle Staab

Stacey, I'm so sorry. I salute you as you begin the new chapter of your life - on the other side of the bookshelf - and wish you the very best for The Pirates Of Lobster Cove.

Nancy Lauzon

Stacey, anytime a bookstore closes it is tremendously sad for everyone. My thoughts go out to you and your colleagues, and I hope that the future is bright for all of you!

Roberta Gately

I too am a new author (Lipstick in Afghanistan, November 2010) to whom Stacey gave the gift of a book signing the week before Christmas! While I happily signed, I watched as she bustled about the store, a literal card catalogue in her head of every book that every shopper requested. But she didn't just find the books, she extolled their virtues, a writer's dream, a true bookseller in every sense. She and all of her staff will be missed, for indeed they all felt like friends,and I hope that Stacey will remain one.
One final thought - Stacey - you CAN WRITE. Your evocative phrases and metaphors are begging to be read again and again. I hope that with time on your hands, you will sit down to write. You, my dear and new friend, can write.

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