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May 29, 2011


Elaine Viets

The treatment of illegal immigrants is shameful. Here in Florida they are used as cheap farm and hotel labor. They are not paid proper wages and cannot complain or they are reported. I support the DREAM act that allows illegal aliens to become productive -- and tax-paying -- citizen.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Thanks, Kris. Perfect timing. xo


Well said!! Well said.


Amen, Elaine! Thanks, Hank and Debbie.


Language is a big part of it, I think. If you've seen the movie Gran Torino, remember the scene when Clint takes his young Hmong neighbor to a job interview? :) He coached him beforehand on speaking Man Talk - getting the subject on car problems, with lots of profanity thrown in. So it wasn't that he didn't speak English, in that case it was more about quickly finding a way to communicate a shared American lifestyle or experience. Something like that. Maybe. :)


Maybe you're right, Mary. Language is a factor, and perhaps the nuances of culture. Newcomers just don't seem like us in so many ways, and that must put some of us off.

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