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May 01, 2011



Seventeen years ago we decided to buy some property and build our own house. Here we are seventeen years later still building. But for all the pains of doing it ourself the joy of our own house has been great. I was the one doing all the designing. So, there are many things that I need that are non existent. But the soon to be done mural on my ceiling by one of my daughters and the mural up the stairway by another make the wait worth it. Plus every board and brush stroke have been done with love.

Nancy Lauzon

I love House Hunters, it's one of my 'guilty pleasure' reality shows. We basically gutted our house when we bought it. It's quite an adventure when all you have is a microwave to cook with and your refrigerator is in the garage. Ah, those were the days...


Oh, Leslie, it does sound like the whole house represents a labor of love, and really worth it.

You're so right, Nancy. It's not fun at the time, but over time you can look back on it with fondness.

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I know how it is, I hate renovations, last time when I was doing that to my house , it took 5 months and this was only for painting the walls and changing some doors, I thought I will never finish it, it was frustrating to live there with all that mess. But the feeling after you've is great, you feel free and so comfortable.

Elaine Viets

Kris, Don and I renovated an old house early in our marriage. Amazingly, we're still married. Like you, my renovations are confined to the virtual.

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