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May 15, 2011


Elaine Viets

My condolences, Mary, on the cicadas. They are a plague, aren't they? Glad you pointed out that they will pass, while life,with all its heroes, goes on.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, my comment from the other day didnt show up? Weird weird weird. I just came back to read this blog again-it's so wonderful! ANd saw my comment wasn't here. Well, rats. I think this is quite amazing...thanks, Mary!

Greys Anatomy Episode Guide

thats part of every journey, life may end up unexpectedly but at least it was made with a purpose, funny though I was intrigue with Bin Laden's photo ..no comment to elaborate except is this for real?..there are many issues hanging around about false information they provide well I guess its part of the story


Great blog, Mary. Thanks for posting it.


Greys - yes, that's the real cover of the New York Daily News on May 2nd. Not sure if they're presuming or if they sent reporters down to verify. ;)

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