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May 22, 2011


Nikki Bonanni

Congratulations Valerie! That's awesome :)

Nancy Lauzon


Great blog! What an accomplishment for these kids and teacher. There's nothing like being part of a big show. I was in a 'Music Through the Ages' production, it was really mammoth, and it was my favorite memory from Grade 9. So much bonding amongst the kids, and a lot of confidence building after such an achievement. Congrats!

The Chick Dick Blog


It's so great to hear about kids being brave and stepping up to challenges. Congratulations, Valerie! And all supporting Moms and Dads. :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Hurray Valerie!!! I kept clicking on the photos, hoping for video!!



Congrats to Valerie and all the cast and crew! Great pics. It's true about the confidence derived from having already done something -- like acting in a first production or writing a first novel -- the knowledge that it can be done makes it easier and more fun next time.


Very cool! Hooray, Valerie--brava, brava!

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