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June 22, 2011


Sally Gawne

As a big fan of Hank's, I would love to read a book by Clare O'Donohue. I am also a Chicago girl at heart. I haven't lived there for years though.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Well, Sally! You have made my day! Thank you so much...you know I'm from Chicago, too..

Now, living in Boston, when I say: Go SOx! Who knows what I really mean.. :-0


There are so many characters I would like to be! Some of my favorites are the female protagonists in Anne Perry's Victorian mystery series (both Monk, and the Thomas and Charlotte series) because I love the period and the clothing etc. Or, I would love to be a character in one of Ms. Sefton's knitting mysteries set in Colorado, or a dragon rider in Pern (Anne McCaffery)--regardless of the fact that I am terrified of heights, or someone who lives in the world of Darkover and has a special gift of some sort...

I love on-going series where the world (and the characters) adapt, grow, and change with the world around them. It's like visiting back home after an extended absence each time a new book comes out, and I look forward to each new addition by my favorite authors, whether they write about familiar characters or brand new ones.

I look forward to checking out Clare's books. Thanks for introducing her!

Pj Schott

Wonderful interview. Thank you, Hank.


I would love to be a character in a period cozy, like an Agatha Christie or Rex Stout. In fact I would love to be a femme fatale in a Nero Wolfe and have Archie Goodwin take me dancing and defend me when Wolfe wants to throw me out. :) To this day Nero Wolfe is one of my favorite series.

Pj Schott

My fictional character would be Eloise and I would live at The Plaza.


This is wayyyyyyyyy too easy...:)

"Bond.... James Bond." (The Connery version)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

William, you are so right. I'd LOVE to be him.
Also--Emma Peel.

Laura DiSilverio

Sharon McCone from Marcia Muller's amazing PI series. Or Scarlett O'Hara. Maybe Jean Valjean. I must have Clare's multiple personality disorder!


My kids still dream of waving a wand, and flying on a broomstick. This is ok, because I still do too. Thanks for introducing me to a new author.

Charlaine Harris

Writing different series is the way I get to be different people without the necessity of reincarnation.

Carol-Lynn Rössel

Agatha Christie, I do think I read, got fed up with "being" Marple or Poirot and found Poiot unappealing after awhile. I'm surprised she didn't write more than she did about excavations in her mysteries. My current heroine (I MUST finish this tome and bring completion to the project) is, like me, a photographer who writes poems and occasional songs. I think most of us use what we know.

Victoria Allman

The odd thing about writing is that I think every character is me...or, someone I wish I were. I find it very hard to distance myself from my characters. My next rewrite is to bump up the female lead and I am really struggling finding things to write about her that aren't autobiographical.

Clare O'Donohue

I thought I'd weigh in - though I don't need to win a book ;) My favorite character to be would be Nora Charles - she's tough, smart has a great guy, can hold her liquor and has great one-liners.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Me, too, me too!!!

And now: the winner of Clare's book is: Sally Gawne!!

Sally, please contact he via my website with your mailing information!


Congrats, Sally and thanks Clare and Hank!

I'd like to be one of Miss Marple's sidekicks and Emma Peel too. And a detective in the Peculiar Crimes Unit so I could work with Bryant and May. Multiple personality disorder sounds like a lot of fun to me. :)

Clare O'Donohue

Congrats Sally! I hope you enjoy the book. Please email and let me know - and anyone else who wants to get in touch! Clare

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