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July 05, 2011


Charlaine Harris

I'm a HUGE Kate Atkinson fan, and studying her is time well spent. It seems to me there's a balance to be found. Janet Evanovich has said that Stephanie Plum will never change. Obviously, that's worked well for her. But there has to be a middle ground between that stance and Miss Marple in leather shooting the bird. I do believe people change in response to their experiences.


I spewed coffee all over my keyboard over Miss Marple in leather!

In P.D. James' book about detective fiction, she made a comment about how really good detective fiction is not how the detective affects (solves) the crime, but how the crime affects the detective. (I'm paraphrasing) Those are the books I prefer.

I keep a reading log, and, and Ive discovered that as a reader, I sort my mystery fiction into two groups- Friday Night Lights- which are the Janet Evanovitch type books. They are fun, they are light, they are comforting. Very often I am up late on a Friday night waiting for my teen daughter to come home from what ever activity she's doing- I need low stress! These are the books I tuck into my purse to read at the dentist office.

Then, I have my Sunday afternoon think and ponder books, books I read when I have at least a couple of hours when I'm not going to be disturbed, so I can concentrate, and reflect on what I'm reading. Currently, I'm reading through Julia Spencer-Fleming's excellent series.

I enjoy both kinds of reading, but I think of the Friday night books as "fun reads" and the Sunday books as "great reads."


So true, Charlaine. Stephanie Plum is an interesting example. Evanovich may not change her from the Stephanie we expect, but she does give her an emotional life with personal changes, if only in her choice of hunks. :)

Miss Marple, Poirot, Sherlock Holmes don't have any kind of inner life that I can remember. I love them all anyway in spite of it. Not sure I'd be so generous to a modern static character.


Oh, Kelly, I love the Friday Night Lite and Sunday Think and Ponder idea. I'm going to start that. My "free" reading time usually gets bumped by something else on the weekend, so I never get around to the longer or heavier books I want to read. I'm doing it.

I'm crazy about Julia S-F's series. It started out great and keeps getting better and better!

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Mary S.

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Great post, Mary! I love how you break the writing down, and show us how wonderful a writer Kate Atkinson is!

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