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July 01, 2011


Robin Templeton

Hey, Donna. Love your blog and your photos. I've been following your 365 entries with a lot of appreciation and enthusiasm.

Here's a photo tip from someone who has tracked many a sunrise and sunset.

The sailors had it right: "Evening red and morning gray, sends the traveler on his way. Evening gray and morning red, bring down rain upon his head."

They used it to predict the weather, but now that we have skilled (sort of) meteorologists, we can use the weather forecast to get the heads up on more spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Then you can pick your spot, put your feet up, and let nature do the work until you're ready to snap. It works surprisingly well if you're trying to capture the best effect at a particular location.

The other trick is that the most spectacular color and light show is often before or after the moment that the sun is at the horizon line.

Thanks for sharing your creativity in all its forms, Donna.

Barb Goffman

Love that shot of Wesley!

Amber Green

Are you using Fuji film to get those shades of green and that gray with almost-violet undertones?

Donna Andrews

I will be using this advice to capture that sunset soon, Robin.

Barb, I ALMOST added one of Wesley, too.

Amber, no film at all--I use digital cameras.

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