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August 13, 2011


Beth Groundwater

Love this post, Elaine! I just recently shopped for my first 2-piece bathing suit in years. I figured it would be easier to put on/take off in a 2-man tent on my upcoming 5-day whitewater rafting trip than my typical take-ten-pounds-off stretch 1-piece. I imagined getting stuck in a pretzel shape with that!

I still wanted coverage, though, like that flippy little skirt on the bottom, and the flap hanging down over your tummy from the bra top. Man, was it hard to find the pieces that met all the criteria! I had to go to two different sizes from two different manufacturers.

Elaine Viets

I know you like adventure, Beth, but I don't have the courage to go swimsuit shopping. Hate those mirrors.

Karen in Ohio

Have you seen the swimwear meant for modest Muslim women? Head-to-toe coverage, baby!

Hard to get a tan that way, but what the hey.

Elaine Viets

Those sort of look like the swimsuits Great-Grandma wore in the 1890s, Karen. No need to diet -- or worry about cellulite -- if you wear those.


Terrific post, Elaine! If I might add: getting paper cuts from the bathing suit price tags when you try them on is just adding insult to injury. I curse the manufacturers every year.

Elaine Viets

Some of the price tags are bigger than the suits, Dana.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Bathing suits. I have SOLVED this problem, sisters. I just--don't wear them.

Ha ha--no, I just realized what that sounded like. I mean--I wear clothes. My life is bathing-suit free.

Beth, tankini. You're right. That's the only solution.

Elaine Viets

I'm with you, Hank. I'm not going through the trama of swimsuit buying. I take off my shoes and walk along the beach. That's enough.


Funny post about the scale and those 2-piece suits. Since I'm a fitness coach/model, I won't through in my 2 cents.

I'll just say - enjoy being in your own skin. Each of us have imperfections, but we need to come to peace with them...no matter what style of suit we decide to wear (or not wear, Hank). LOL


oops - I meant "throw" instead of "through." :)

Elaine Viets

We gotcha, ME. Good advice. But I'm trying to keep Florida beautiful. No suits for me.

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