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August 31, 2011


Sheila Connolly

At signings and panels, audience members often ask, who are your inspirations? Funny--that's not always the same as the authors I admire most. There are writers I would give several teeth and a leg (I need the arms to type) to emulate, but I accept my limitations--and keep reading them, if only to admire.

Has anyone ever asked you "what is the worst book you've read?"

Elaine Viets

I like to recommend books I enjoy. I don't think it cuts into my sales. So many people are voracious readers. They like it when other writers feed their habit. Writers -- particularly mystery writers -- are generous about recommending their colleagues.

Kelly Saderholm

I personally would never NOT buy a book by an author I liked because that person recommended another authors book. I will buy as many books as my budget allows, but unfortunately sometimes I have to "triage" books. So I will always buy Charlaine's and Elaine's books- and recommend them to people, and then if I read on their blogs that they recommend Sheila' book, I would go out and get that book. Other readers I know do this also, so I don't think as a writer, recommending others' work cuts into sales at all.

I do think though that Writer Z giving another writers work a really bad review would give me pause in buying writer's Z work. I am glad to say that I have rarely heard writers tear up another persons work. I don't have a problem with fair criticism, or personal bias. If a writer were to say, "I thought the writing in X's book was weak" or "I thought y's book had too much gore in it for my taste" ok, thats fair. But to just tear a work to shreds, I think, doesn't reflect well on the reviewer.

Kathleen George

True, Sheila, what inspires and what we admire might very well be different. They often are for me. I read lots of non-mysteries but I wonder how many of us genre writers do that. And . . . does it help?

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