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August 11, 2011


Paperback Daydreamer (Deanna)

Oh how fantastic Dana! I went to my local book store and they didn't have The Wild Side in stock. :-( I need the 3rd Fangborn story!! :-P

I find if very funny that someone will automatically associate you drinking a cosmo to being a lover of SatC. I do not have a very strong opinion of SatC, it just never grabbed my interest. I watched a few episodes here and there but I never became one of the fans who bought all of the box sets and had to go watch the two movies in theaters. I liked the concept of it, like you said above, with women dealing with the same types of issues that real women have to face every day. I'm not a huge fan of dresses and high-heels and I think that was a big reason it never really stroked my fancy.

Great post Dana!


I watched SatC on DVD with my daughters after I had surgery. I do think it made Cosmos popular but I'd never assume that a person drinking one was a SatC fan. You know about assume....

I liked it enough to watch all the DVDs-it was a great women's series for many reasons for its time. Some of its ideas are still true. Its real strength was a portrayal of friendship-thru thick & thin.

Elaine Viets

I like Cosmos but never associated them with SatC, either. It was a forward-thinking series but I eventually lost interest. I seemed to be watching the same show over and over. And women do talk about sex -- sure beats listening to medical problems.


Yeah, it took me by surprise, that one-to-one correlation between a drink and the show.

Thanks for stopping by, Deanna! It took me a couple of seasons to get interested. Glad you're enjoying the Fangborn!

Readerdiane, it really did define a time, didn't it? Thanks for visiting!

Elaine, right--there are only so many different ways one can approach the topic. Sometimes it was, "oh, jeez, couldn't you guys just talk about what was on Jon Stewart last night?" They could have shaved a season or two off, but I was pleased with the care they took with the finale.

Sheila Connolly

The only reason I paid for HBO back in the day (in the pre-True Blood era) was to watch SitC, after a season of watching it on a very fuzzy bootleg version. Worse, I watched it with my very pre-teen daughter (she would allow no comments during the viewing, so I have no idea what she thought about it).

The only cosmopolitan I have ever had was at a Romance Writers conference, which I thought was appropriate.


I wonder what she thought of it, Shelia--have you ever asked her? And...very appropriate for a romance con--thanks for stopping by!

Kelly Saderholm

I was at a party once where the host was making Cosmos and I had never had one so I said, Sure I'd try one. (I liked it lots!) And a male guest made a similar comment about SitC. I was surprised that someone would make that kind of assumption.

When I said I had never seen the show, he then thought I was slamming SitC! Talk about jumping from one set of conclusions to another!


Isn't it funny, Kelly? I can't think of another drink where that connection is made. Sounds like he was hoping (a lot!) you were a fan. Thanks for stopping by!


How odd! I posted a comment the other day and it disappeared!

I have never watched SitC, mostly because it was on when I was at work, even when it hit prime time syndication, so I have little clue what it's all about. But I do enjoy the occasional cosmo, and I had my first martini at the age of 38, sitting in a bar with my best male friend, who had never had one either. He had a vodka martini, I had one with gin, and we sampled each others. It was then we realized that for the first time in all the years of our friendship we were both single at the same time, and I asked him if we were on a "date" (as opposed to two good friends meeting for a movie, dinner, and drinks); we toyed with the idea of being a couple for a brief while, but then laughed and decided "Nah..." It would have been too wierd and we had been best friends for too long to switch gears. We did, however, feel very "cosmopolitan" drinking our dry martinis and talking about what ifs...


Reina, I had the same thing happen to me, so thanks for trying again!

What a great story! So glad you both came to the same conclusion.


Okay, folks, the contest is closed, and I'll be announcing the winner of a copy of THE WILD SIDE soon!


Congratulations, Deanna! You've won the copy of THE WILD SIDE! Thanks, everyone, for visiting the Femmes Fatales' blog!

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