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August 01, 2011


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh,I know they're dangerous..but they are gorgeous. I grew up in rural Indiana...and right before those storms, the sky would go green, and I remember the light on the gravel of our driveway..very--eerie.


Hank, I wasn't aware that these kind of storms hit the Midwest, too, but I'm new to them. The way the light changes does give it an eerie, other worldly quality. I love them, and find that aspect of them creepy, at the same time.

Elaine Viets

I like the sunshine, Kris. I even like the humidity - my skin dries out in the desert climate. I thought Arizona was a gorgeous state, but its heat was too much for this sun-lover.


Elaine, I have seen some longtime desert dwellers whose skin looks mummified, so I know what you mean. But I still love the dryness, even if it does make me slather on moisturizer all the time. That's the one downside to monsoon season - the humidity builds until it breaks into rain. It's great that this is a big enough country that we can all find the place we like best.

M.E. Anders

I'm a summerholic - I would take this weather (midwest humidity and all) year-round. I would love to move to Florida. :)

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