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August 21, 2011


Barb Goffman

I love driving fast, so I'm really looking forward to reading this book so I can speed vicariously. Tammy, I hope to see you back at the Malice Domestic convention next spring. It was great meeting you at the Sisters in Crime breakfast at this past Malice.

Karen in Ohio

As much as I love to drive, one thing worries me about a racetrack: doesn't it make one dizzy to go around in circles at high speed all day?

No interest in racing, but reading about it sounds like great fun, and I will look forward to doing just that. Good luck with the book, Tammy!

Tammy Kaehler

Great to meet you, too, Barb! I hope to be back to Malice also. I think you're right, speeding vicariously is the best way to do it ... Less likelihood of tickets that way!

Karen, you'd think they'd be dizzy, wouldn't you? But interestingly, there's a lot more to a corner than just "crank wheel to left" over and over. There are different lines through the corners, the competitors around you, and the banking of the track and the amount of bend in the corner. I guess what I'm saying is that you don't much think about turning left and might not really even perceive much more than a gentle curve.

All that said, I do prefer courses and races with both rights and lefts. :-)

Thanks for having me here, Hank!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Because of an old boyfriend (long story)I learned to drive a stick shift. Which, for a while, was quite an adventure.

But I do have to say, eventually, it got to be a kind of cool feeling, zooming around. I'd love to drive on a racetrack. If no one else was on it.

Tammy, what's a "line through a corner"?

Tammy Kaehler

The line through a corner is the path a driver takes. On ovals, there might be a couple different lines, depending on the width of the track ... say a high, low, and middle groove. On road courses, there's usually only one ideal line, at least in the dry (if it's wet, there's a different line due to wanting rougher road for better traction), and it's the path that is the shortest through the corner that allows for carrying maximum speed through it. If you look at a road course race, you'll see th at most cars are following the same black marks on the pavement through a turn, unless, of course, they're making a pass, in which case, they adjust their line.

Nancy Jo

I used to love watching the Indy 500. I think her book sounds very interesting. My former carpool used to say I was the safest driver of the three of us, but not the best! (the other two were men.)

Tammy Kaehler

Nancy Jo, I'm not sure if that says something about your common sense, your skills, or their egos! Certainly in my own life I have anecdotal evidence that males are more willing to push to find the edge—and I'm not talking about guys who are racecar drivers either. So I'd vote for safest driver myself, if you're anywhere but on a track. :-)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yeah, I always say to my husband--"why not just let the guy in?" And : "really, I'm just saying, you're going 20 miles faster than the speed limit."
I hate to nag. But why do they do that?


After thinking long and hard about your question, Hank, I think I'll just say ... I'm not sure we should open the can of worms that is the discussion of "guy psychology." :-)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

With ya, Tammy. xoxo

Tori MacLennan

I liked Formula 1 from the moment I walked by the tv and saw David Coulthard giving an interview! I remember clearly...my then boyfriend was watching a race and I walked by the tv and ask who was that man. And I was hooked...and not just with the current racers at the time like Ralf Schumacher, Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen but also with Ayrton Senna and Jean Alesi. I wanted to know it all. From there, my passion grew and soon I was attending races. I went to everything from
Champ Car races in Long Beach and Fontana to the Canadian Grand Prix and World Rally in Finland. By then I just knew I needed speed so I went to Jim Hall cart racing school. I'm not going to lie and say I was the fasted in the class because I wasn't, but I had the most fun I think I had ever had! An experience I will never forget. So yeah, I'm a girl and I love racing! Drive faster. :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Tori, so great to hear from you! Very exciting. And Tammy's book sounds perfect for you. .

Kathleen George

And . . . speaking of cars, there is DRIVE TIME, Hanks's award nominee, with lots of good driving and lots of wit.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, Kathleen! Thank you! (Very excited for the Anthonys..)

And I just burst out laughing..it NEVER crossed my mind, in thinking about Tammy's book, that, DRIVE TIME is also about cars! (Which, of course, ti is...but recalls and rentals and your personal car, not racing)

SO funny! And god luck with HIDEOUT--comes out..today, right??


Tori, how did I never know the extent of your race fandom?! We need to make a date to go see the Senna movie, I think!

Fingers crossed for Hank! And I'm going to look up Kathleen's book right this minute. Thanks for visiting and commenting, all!

Tori MacLennan

Tammy, I had no idea that you didn't know this about me! Yes, lets go Senna! Plus, we need to catch up...long overdue. :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

And the winner of Tammy's book is--NANCY JO! EMail me via my website http://www.hankphillippiryan.com
and tell me your address!


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