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August 24, 2011




Charlaine, believe it or not, there ARE several books that will show you how to make these towel animals.

I remember on my Alaska Cruise coming back to the room to find a monkey hanging from a door jam. Crazy stuff. But you do sort of have to admire the creativity of it all.

And the books do make a great gag holiday gift.


Hank Phillippi Ryan

I am howling...cruise towel art??? Amazing.

And here's the winner of yesterdays prize:(ooh, maybe we can also send her a towel puppy! Charlaine? COUld you make one? :-)

And the winner of Tammy's book is--NANCY JO! EMail me via my website http://www.hankphillippiryan.com
and tell me your address!


Patti Abbott

I am sure there will be a good way for you to make use of towel animals.

Alyssa from John Grisham Novels

I would on the other hand strongly appreciate to witness this interesting art with my own eyes - granted, possibly once or twice.

Nancy Jo

My first thought as I was reading your comments was the taunt...made you look! So did you take pictures of the critters?

Charlaine Harris

No, I didn't take pictures. I don't think white on white would show up in photographs with all the nuances of the various folds. I'll bet there is a book, Kristopher. I don't doubt it for a minute. There is never any lack of ways to waste time. "Yes, I thought I'd read a good book or do work for a charity, but I think first I'll . . . make a giraffe out of towels." Not that there's anything wrong with having a silly hobby, but still . . .

Nancy Jo

Do you think a murderer could make a towel critter to hide the blood from their crime? Hehee.

Toni LP Kelner

I must make a confession. When we checked into our hotel at Disney World, we were absolutely delighted to find towel Mickey Mouses (Mickey Mice?) on our beds. And I did take pictures. (The bed spread was patterned, so I didn't have that white on white problem.) Another day we came back to find a towel bunny, which also amused us.

On my honeymoon cruise, the steward did artful arrangements of my nightgowns when I left them out. One day I left a half slip out instead, and came back to find it artfully arranged. Not sure if he thought I was wearing a tiny gown or what, but it was a honeymoon...

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