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August 28, 2011



Almost anywhere in Alaska! We've seen more breathtaking views and taken more photos here than anywhere else we've been.

Karen in Ohio

Isn't Ithaca a most lovely town? It's even prettier in the fall.

I've traveled to and driven in 49 states, all but Alaska. One of the biggest surprises in my travels was Chattanooga. We live in Cincinnati, and when we travel south on I-75 to Atlanta or Florida, we always passed Chattanooga, but never stopped because it's too close for a first night stop. However, on a recent solo trip to Florida I got a late start and decided to pull off near there.

My daughter called early in the morning and when I told her where I was she insisted that I take some time to explore, telling me it was her favorite, non-Rockies town.

Well, it's spectacular. The Tennessee River flows through town, and on one side of the river the bluffs rise straight up from the water, atop of which are a couple of museums overlooking the valley. The other side of the river has a quaint and quirky shopping/entertainment district that turns out to have been designed by a friend's husband, a guy well-known for his sense of humor and fun. All along the sidewalks are brass inlays representing maybe a dozen or more dance steps. My favorite was The Kiss: Man's shoes on one side, woman's on the other. On the right woman's shoe it says "Lift". So charming.

Nancy Jo

I am going to have to visit both Ithaca and Chattanooga.I really adore small town USA. I also like old barns. Imagine the stories they could tell! I have a friend who had a son named Joe. She took pictures of everything with Joe in the name...Joe's Cafe, Joe's Carwash, Joe's Diner. When she had quite a number of photos, she put them together in a framed collage for him.

Elaine Viets

What a lovely trip, Donna. Come on down to Florida -- lots of gorgeous sunsets, which look just like sunrises to me, only backward.
I'm not an early riser.

Sheila Connolly

Love that phrase, "cool your draft."

Are you sure you aren't going to name a bad guy Harry Vetch?

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Loved Ithaca! And the Killer Coffee CLub.

YOur photos are amazing..NIagara Falls. Ah. I've never seens it.

NAncy JO, that's very funny. So, Donna, maybe you should go someplace exotic, where there are lots of birds?

Kathleen George

Beautiful photos. Such a sense of peace. I want to disappear into them. Of course that may be because school has begun and now I have even less time to contemplate anything. I must learn to meditate!

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