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November 30, 2011


Charlaine Harris

Eavesdropping! The unattractive truth must now be told. After listening to the ends of weird conversations in the grocery store, I get a lot of ideas from the news. Or real life. When I used to watch Oldest Son play football, I'd think, "Wouldn't it be fun a if a pack of werewolves suddenly ran onto the field?"


Such an exciting year of trips. Like, Wow. Travel is a pretty good idea generator. Seeing new things and being in a strange place maybe opens up new areas in the brain or wherever stories come from.

Kelly Saderholm

Conventions are great! I adore museums,I drag my family through all kinds of museums on trips. I usually end up chatting for quite a long time with docents, curators and other museum folk- they are usually thrilled when someone takes a real interest.

Eavesdropping provides so many ideas- and now with cell phones being so popular, one hears all sorts of things-often things we'd rather not!

I find used bookstore/library sales to be great sources of inspiration. For a buck or two, one can pick up all kinds of interesting volumes. For a dollar I picked up this huge illustrated book on patent medicines of the Victorian era- what will I do with it? I have no idea- some sort of Steam-punkish idea is percolating in the back of my brain.


Just chiming in that I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts at the Murder in Mayhem in Muskego Panel. That was my first mystery conference, and I hope to attend next year, too.


Charlaine, I know what you mean! People say the most amazing things, especially if one takes them out of context. It was a great year, Mary--when your brain is bombarded with unfamiliar sounds and sights, all sorts of crazy things happen!
Kelly, I agree about the museums and bookstores: millions of ideas, just wandering around, waiting to be discovered. Thanks so much, MEAnders--it was a hoot, wasn't it! I hope to see you at Muskego again soon!

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