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December 18, 2011



It's a Wonderful Life, Toni, and Blackadder. For a minute, I thought you wrote Patrick Stewart did a one-man show of a Blackadder Christmas...I would totally watch that! Merry, merry to the Kelners!


Rugrats Chanukah

Elaine Viets

"Scrooged" with Bill Murray. Hilarious.

Toni LP Kelner

Dana, I'd stand in line to watch Stewart to Blackadder.

Cathy, I like that Rugrats show. We don't have a copy, but we did watch it when the girls were into Rugrats. Which has been a few years...

Elaine, I've never seen Scrooged. Another for the list...

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Olive, the other Reindeer. Sigh. So perfect. Why didn't we think of that??


I record all the sappy Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and watch most of those.


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Happy Holidays!

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