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January 15, 2012


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yeah, Dennis Lehane (;-) ) is funny about his... He says he thinks about his books-in-progress all the time..then he gets home and can't figure out why the manuscript hasn't gotten any longer!

(And Donna...we look at YOU as the role model. So there.)

Donna Andrews

Hank, if I am your role model, you are in trouble!


No, no, you're a good role model. :)

It always takes me a few weeks to get moving on a new year's to-do list.

Donna Andrews

A good role model in at least one thing: just because you haven't figured out your goals (or resolutions, if you prefer that term) by bedtime on January 1 doesn't mean you've missed the opportunity to do them.


This is what we've talked about before in our blogs around the end of the year. Change and growth is hard, and to succeed at it, you need to be in a good place mentally to accomplish it. Why should that necessarily fall in line with a date on the calendar? It takes me a while to get going on my goals for the new year, too.

Donna Andrews

Good point, Kris, and for a variety of reasons, I wasn't in the right place to do this on January 1. Or January 2. Or . . . you get the idea. But yesterday I made it my number one task of the day, working out those goals. Strangely enough, all day I went back and forth between working on that and procrastinating by doing other small but useful bits of work. Now I'm breaking down the big goals into smaller chunks. Where do I want to be on this one by month-end? And what small chunk of that can I get done TODAY.

I know that I could revise my goals as soon as five minutes from now--I could change my mind, or life could throw a spanner in the works. I'm about as okay with that as I can be.

And strange to say, having a non-trivial list of things I want to accomplish this year doesn't make me feel weighed down--I actually feel lighter. More focused.


Ooh, the thing that slows me down is the "I shoulds," Donna. It takes a bit of brute force and habit to decide, "no, that's not going on the list, not when I have these other things I need to do and want to do." Sometimes, downtime gets the priority.

And...it takes a bit of brute force to decide to DO something, too. The trip to NYC was great--Dead Sea Scrolls and the Renaissance Portrait exhibit at the Met, a book signing, meeting up with MWA friends--but I kept saying, I should be home, getting stuff done, editing a story, doing laundry. Yeah, I'm doubling up on work now, but that sudden "emergency museum fix" impulse was a good one, and charged me up.

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