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March 20, 2012


Kathy Bergold

I've loved watching Tinkie evolve into the woman we all know and love. But even more, I've appreciated how Tinkie's relationship with her husband Oscar grows more loving and passionate as Oscar learns to appreciate the strong, assertive woman Tinkie has become. Can't wait to get book 12, BONEFIRE OF THE VANITIES when it's released June 19th!

Miranda James

This is the joy of character-driven (as opposed to plot-driven) fiction. Readers love the richness of characterization in the Bones series, and writers could learn a lot from these books.


Yes , and I love that Tinkie challenges my own prejudices when it comes to rich girl behavior. I didn't expect to like her. But she won me over in the first book the way she acted about the dog. I need to read that crazy scene at the end again. :)

Jitty I loved from word one. She is real. Not a figment, not somebody's unconscious. That's my vote anyway!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

OH, thanks so much for being here. Yes, I agree, that's one of the indescribably magic things about writing..how does that even happen?

The bad guy I had chosen for my fist boo? Turned out he wasn't the bad guy at all--it was someone completely different. I still get goosebumps thinking about it. Our brains know things we don't realize we know..

Elaine Viets

Welcome, Carolyn. It's amazing how our characters take on a life of their own sometimes, even to their creators.

Marcia Talley

Hi, Carolyn, and welcome! I wanted to chime in about how much I liked your novel, Penumbra. The characters of Jade and Frank are so multi-faceted and well-drawn that I felt they would live on, even beyond the final page.

carolyn haines

Thank you all. Such a warm welcome, and from such talented writers. It is the characters that keep us slogging away at this, isn't it? If I could only get the characters to clean the bathrooms!


Carolyn, thank you so much for a wonderful blog! It is wonderful, and frustrating, when a character turns around and surprises us. It's also a great reminder that everyone is not just good or bad.

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