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March 10, 2012


Elaine Viets

Hello fellow cat lover. Looking forward to this new adventure. I know many of your books have hit the New York Times list. Is this one there yet?

Toni LP Kelner

Years ago, when I was first dipping my toe into the mystery world, somebody pointed out Dean to me as an amazing bookseller. She added, "If he ever writes a book, he be able to get all the blurbs he wants!" These days, given Dean's well-deserved success, it's time to ask him for the blurbs!

Go Dean!

Dean James

Hi, Elaine and Toni. Yes, the new one hit the Times list at #19, so I made the print list. Only made it a week, but it hit.

Thanks for inviting me here!


Dean, could you get your subconscious to psychic-ly transmit great character and book ideas directly to my subconscious? Just one little zap? :)

#19! That's amazing. I'm so proud of you! Congratulations!!


Mary: thanks! If I could zap for you, I certainly would.

Charlaine Harris

Dean, I enjoy your books and you so much. It's a pleasure to see you on the bookshelves, and it will be an even greater pleasure to see you at Malice. I agree, some ideas just arrive in your head. With bells on.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Dean, I love the idea that the characters are waiting in our subconsciouses (or, whatever the plural is...) for us to open the door to their existence.

It's really a wonderful thought..and very reassuring! Congratulations on your mad success!

Donna Andrews

Cats, librarians . . . two of my favorite kinds of people. (And anyone who doesn't think cats are people has never been supervised by one.) And I love what Dean does with them.


Welcome to the Femmes, Dean. Thanks for blogging with us. I also have a Maine Coon cat, Philly, so I think Philly and I need to read this series together. Congrats on hitting the NYT!


I always love hearing what compels a writer to write, Dean! Congratulations on making the List, and thank you for blogging with the Femmes Fatales!

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