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March 17, 2012


Hank Phillippi Ryan

OH, the apps. Amazing. I am endlessly attaached to them..Shazam, that recognizes songs. AroundMe, which will find you the nearest coffee shop or library. Songify, which will turn your sentence into a song with music..try it, it's incredible! And of course, the flashlight.

xox H

Elaine Viets

No aps, no iPhone, Mary. I love looking up old songs on YouTube and comparing versions of the St. James Infirmary. Marvelous time suck that I call research.

Marcia Talley

Oh, Mary. I have the iPad and it's app heaven. There's WWF (of course). 'Nuff said. Down here in the Bahamas where the "stars at night are big and bright," I luuuuuuv Star Rover. It knows where you are. Hold the iPad up to the sky, and it locates/names all the planets and constellations for you. Last week, Saturn, Venus and Mercury were lined up in the western sky, and Mars was over my shoulder. A current fave for my iPhone is CardStar. You know all those little customer loyalty tags/cards that clutter up your keychain/wallet? Scan the barcode into CardStar and it remembers them all for you. At the store, you simply open the app and present your iPhone. And there are links to each store's website, special deals they may be offering, and a "find the nearest store" feature. Oh, and how about ParkNow! You keep money in an account, tap in the parking meter # and how many minutes you want, go off and shop/have lunch, and about ten minutes before your meter expires, your iPhone beeps, so you can either leave or add more time. How did I ever live without it??

Marcia Talley

@Elaine. St James Infirmary? How about this version of Danny Boy--oh, so seasonal!--performed by the Muppets? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irzOBTV0xTE


Okay, I'm taking notes here, ladies!

Hank, Shazam is pretty amazing. Too bad it doesn't come with a one-button remote for the car radio. I need AroundMe for sure. There's a flashlight?

Elaine, you may have the next great app idea there! Research is good.

Marcia, I'm checking out Star Rover tonight to compare it to Star Walk. Oh what fun on a clear night! Cardstar would be great.

Off to check out the Muppets ... thanks!

Marcia Talley

Oh Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Flashlight, yes, it's wonderful. It uses the light from the camera flash, I think. It takes a lot of battery, but it works beautifully!

Off to check out the Muppets singing Danny Boy. Can't get better than that!


Mary, I remember thinking back in 1986: "I'll get a computer for writing papers, but it will never be anything more than that." Boy, prognosticator I am not! Solitaire and Mah Johng for me, while I'm waiting--and Shazam is nifty!

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