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March 15, 2012


Charlaine Harris

I'm so far behind on all these ways to spend (waste) time, Marcia! Remind me not to start this. Ever. It's bad enough that I love "hidden objects" computer games.

Karen in Ohio

Zynga is evil, though. One of my opponents played two obscure Scottish words in a row, but the darn thing wouldn't let me play words I absolutely know are in everyday English usage.

I've had pityriasis, and never even heard of it before then!

Hope your thumbs heal quickly, Marcia.

Elaine Viets

I'm not even going near this one. Major time suck.

Kate Charles

Chiao for 20 points? Really? It's not in my dictionary.
How brave of you to expose your addiction to the cruel light of day! I wonder how many of us will come clean and admit that we share it?

Rachel Santa

I am also addicted but you have not started a game with me!!!
Niece Rachel


Given my addictive personality, I know this is something I have to avoid! Thanks for blogging with the Femmes, Marcia.

Deborah Crombie

Since when in "zoot" not a word? What about "zoot suit"?

Marcia, you are such a bad influence! But I'm safe from this one because I don't have an iPhone or iPad. Please don't tell me they make it for Android:-)

Marcia Talley

Hi, all. I'm just back at my laptop after coming home (via boat!) from another island where I have a weekly writers' group. I told them about The Femmes, so hopefully, they'll come visit.

Marcia Talley

@Debs and Kate -- what is a word and what isn't a word continues to amaze me. Zoot isn't, neither is "helter" as in helter-skelter. That's why I like that WWF doesn't penalize you for playing a non-word. And, I have to confess to experimenting with word combinations just to see if they "work." LOL.

Marcia Talley

@Rachel. Hiya, gal! When my thumb is better, I'll challenge you to a game. Promise! Hugs, Auntie M.

Marcia Talley

@Charlaine. I am so easily led astray. Shopping, lunch with a friend ... I'm your gal!

Marcia Talley

@Karen. The obscure Scottish words and the archaic units of measurement from S.E. Asia make my eyes spin around in my head, but they are legal in Scrabble, so go figure. How about "taeniae" and "amboinas?" Legal. :-) And so is Chiao, Kate!! If it were up to me, I'd disallow "chiao" but WWF likes it, so my hands are tied. ;-)

Elaine Viets

Marcia, were you really boating to another island -- or playing more WWF?

Marcia Talley

@Elaine. I was actually boating! Elbow Cay where the writers group meets is about 4 miles away. Went over this morning with the dive boat, came back with someone who lives on the little island across from Dickie's Cay where we are. Lambert, who runs the dive operation has lovely blind daughter, Anna, age 12, who was Bahamas student of the year. Last week she was in Nassau sitting next to Prince Harry on the dais, reading her speech of welcome in Braille. He reportedly was charmed!

Marcia Talley

I'm off to dinner! Back afterwards ...

Donna Andrews

Okay, can I confess that I took a screen shot of my highest single turn score to date? A cool 163 points! (Not, I hasten to add, against Marcia.)

If I could figure out how to upload that screen shot in a comment, I probably would. But I'm not addicted. Oh, no. When I wake up in the middle of the night and take my iPhone with me to the bathroom, it's to light the way, not to play Words with Friends.

(Yeah, right.)

Ray Flynt

You've given me an idea! I'm going to try and interest Becky in WWF. She recently got an iPad - which I hoped would keep her off the computer, freeing up more time for my writing. However, she still returns to our shared computer... but if I can get her adicted to WWF on the iPad. :-)

Marcia Talley

@Donna. How do you take a screen shot on the iPad? I recently played a word for 167 points (not against you!) and couldn't figure out how to capture the moment. :-)

Marcia Talley

@Ray. If you can get Becky going on her iPad, send me her WWF logon name and I'll challenge her to a game. Warning: dinner may be late for weeks at a time. LOL.

Susan Woythaler

I really enjoyed reading about your syndrome! There is a "syndrome" for everything now! I especailly like your "irritable vowel" syndrome! That is very amusing...I don't think that I will play this game...I have enough addictions! Thanks for your humorous take on this!

Marcia Talley

@Susan. Awww, I was hoping to challenge you to a game!! But glad you liked the blog!!

Marcia Talley

I just realized that I haven't played WWF since -- gasp! -- this morning. That was twelve hours ago!


So funny, Marcia. :) No way am I downloading this one, if it's that good. And Elbow Cay - sounds fantastic. Enjoy your island time!

Marcia Talley

@Mary. WWF is excellent. I'm just back from my iPad where I checked my games and took all my turns. Now to relax. A book, I think. I'm reading all the Edgar nominees starting with the Best Novel category. Some great reading so far!

Kat Grundy

I really would like to offer you sympathy for the severe handicap that you thumb is experiencing ....BUT an addictive game on you iphone????? You, my famous author cousin?..um the only author cousin..the author flowed in your lengthy details about the game. Thanks for the info...I am however playing the worlds smallest violin on my forefinger and THUMB for you! I will never own that gadget, so I think I am safe from the curse. peace be with you and with your thumb!

Marcia Talley

LOL, Kat. At least it doesn't interfere with my typing!!

Sarah Glass

Sometimes, I wish I could play words from the world of Hogwarts (like 'firebolt')!

Marcia Talley

I agree, Sarah. Thunderbolt is OK, so why not firebolt? An evil Lord Voldemort curse?

Barbara Blandford

Whew! I am w/o a smart phone or a iPad but merely a laptop and an iPod Touch. Otherwise, your "game" would be very addictive for me.

Marcia Talley

Oh, oh ... you're in trouble. You CAN play WWF and other games on an iPod touch! ;-) Be afraid, be very afraid.

Jenny Milchman

Wow. Maybe it's good I'm the last living person on earth not to have a cell phone...?

Linda Sprenkle

That sure is a fancy name for arthritis! I am glad you got it from playing word games and not from opening corks. I loved this article. I needed a laugh, although maybe not another way to wile away the hours that could be better spent making lesson plans or doing a little spring cleaning. You have been the cause of addiction in me before (Dorothy Dunnett) , so I will cheerfully go for this one, too.
And I am looking forward to reading more from the Femmes Fatale, as well.

Marcia Talley

Oh, Linda. You are in trouble now! ;-). I see you have challenged me to a game of WWF. Much more fun than lesson plans! Haha. As for Dorothy Dunnet, I re-read the
Lymond series every two or three years. She was such a fine writer. And I enjoyed her Johnson Johnson mysteries, too.


Great post! I agree with the poster above about Harry Potter words. I could have bingoed on FIREBOLT the other day if Harry Potter words had been legal. So I was stuck with FILBERT. Sad. But Marcia is a flesh-eating WWF player -- beware!

I noticed that WWF does not allow some Scrabble words and does allow some from the used-everywhere-else-in-the-English-speaking-world Collins Scrabble Words (aka "SOWPODS"). But we must take what we can get!

Marcia Talley

Laura, I'll take your SOWPODS and raise you a STORAXES. Muhwahahaha!


Sadly, PIGWIT is not a word. It should be. Also, ZA is not only short for pizza, it is an Arabic alphabet letter, and it is the medieval Japanese word for a mercantile craft guild.

Yr. Obt. Humble Svt.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

LOVE WWF! LOVE!! And my husvand is also addicted. We go to a restaurant, and the maitre d says--that'll be 40 minutes. We say: oh, terrific!

Donna Hudgins

Love your addiction confession. So far I am safe because I don't have an iphone or an ipad (yet, I might add.) HOWEVER, my son Matt and my grandson, awesome Austin are both addicted and barely a word do they speak while they are engaged in WWF.

Keep on blogging, I love it!
donna H.

Marcia Talley

Hank, PLEASE tell me you and your husband don't play each other from across the same dinner table!!! We shall have to organize an intervention, if so. ;-)

Marcia Talley

Donna, it's only a matter of time ... this addiction tends to run in families. [evil laugh]


Marcia, I may need to check this out...thanks for sharing your addiction!

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